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*WIN* a set of Totally Rad Actions!

Didn’t get what you wanted for Christmas?? Cheer up and comment to get your hands on goodies from TRA. One lucky blog reader will win a copy of The Original Totally Rad Action Set and TRA 2: The Revenge. ┬áRevolutionize your workflow, add spark to your images, realize your creative vision, and have fun in the process. ┬áThese two artistic action sets contain over 40 actions each and are designed to work in Photoshop CS2, CS3, or CS4.


On a personal note, I have both of these sets and they are just awesome – couldn’t imagine my workflow without them. So do yourself a favor and leave a comment below to win! A winner will be chosen at random on the 31st.

Jennifer Bullock - TRA ROCKS!!!

Kimberly Hill - How cool is that? Great contest, Taz!

Elena - oohh tra actions rock!

Shana - Would LOVE to win these… I love the style and appeal these give the images!

Wendy - I LOVE TRA ACTIONS! Thanks for this opportunity!

Jamie Lapeyrolerie - Thanks for having the contest!! I heart TRA!

Kristine - I’d love to win!

Jeremy Ellsworth - Thanks for your generosity!

John Lo - Awesome Contest. Happy Holiday!!!

Jacques Saive - That would be an awesome Christmas gift indeed. TRA is amazing.

Alex Workman - This would be an awesome blessing!

October - OMG!!! I would love these! Was thinking of asking for this for V-day since I didn’t get them for Christmas. You rock!

Shannon - Great contest.Thanks for the chance.

Catherine Rhodes - Fantastic! I love everything about TRA and you know that thing called a new years resolution, well starting to vamp up my images with TRA is part of mine. What perfect timing…

Tera Windfeldt - Ohhh, very cool contest! Yay Taz!

Sheila - Would love to have these actions!

Darrin - I use both sets of actions but just wanted to leave a comment to say that Taz rocks!! Hoping you have an amazing 2010!!

Eric Krebs - Totally Rad Actions are totally awesome. Good stuff taz!

santos samayoa - awesome! i need set #2 woohoo!!

jenny - crossing my fingers :)

Kare - My workflow could definitely use some help!

Sarah Funk - I love Dirty Pictures! I’d really love all the TRA actions.

Alyse French - what an amazing contest!! absolutely love tra’s!! and would love to get my hands on this prize!

Jen Barnes - Amazing. I’ve been doing all my processing from scratch and have had these on my wishlist for awhile now. What a great contest!

Denise - Love TRA!!

GayleV - I have wanted these sets for SO long. What a great contest!!

Josh - Oh sweet would love TRA 2 have the first set but have been wanting set 2 something fierce!!! Thanks for the chance to win!

Jenberry - Seriously. These are the best!!! All in one set of actions. I would LOVE my own set!!!!

Ruby - A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!

Marla - LOVE TRA and the epic, beautiful results achieved with them!!! :)

Sean - This would sure be WAY better than the coal I go in my stocking this year!

Michelle - I LOVE these actions!

Chase - TRA still making us drool, cry, jump and have heart attacks, you guys rock!

Angela Compton - I’ve been eyeing these actions. It would be awesome to win these!

Becca Caniglia - I would love to win these action sets. I can’t really afford them yet, so winning them would be AWESOME!!!

Amandalynn Jones - Wow, I would just about faint if I won these! I think TRA has some of the best actions available! Thanks for the great giveaway!

els - Thanks for the awesome giveaway! Would LOVE to win these!

Rhonda - I have my rabbit’s food, my other lucky charm and am looking for a four leaf clover!!! I want to win! Woohoo! TRA rocks and so do you for this giveaway!

Jeryn - Ooh. I love TRA! I couldn’t imagine my life without actions. Gah! Thanks for doing the giveaway. :)

Stephanie Quigley - Totally in love with TRA! :) :) :)

Wendy Moya - I would LOVE to give TRA a try!

Barbara - What a very generous gift; would love to win!

Stacy Herr - It would make my Christmas to win these! Thank you.

Emese Gaal - I’ve used a few TRA actions before and I can say they do indeed rock.

Karen White - I love TRA – they ROCK!!! Thanks for doing this awesome giveaway!

Jessica Penner - That would be amazing.

Karin Froom - Oh, yes pretty please!!

Lori Gross - Wow – what a great giveaway – Thanks!

Heather Moore - Love TRA, such a great giveaway! Thanks for the chance!!

cat broderick - Taz=Santa :-D

Nick Porcaro - Hope you had a great Christmas, Taz!

Lisa - Awesome! You’re right, I did not get my TRA actions for Christmas what a second chance :-) TRA is amazing!!!

Judith - Wow Taz, that is totally cool TRA is totally cool.

Keri Cooper - Awesome!!

Ferdy - ohhh, this is so cool!! TRA rocks!!!

Renea Emory - Whoo! On my Christmas list, but I didn’t get ’em! This is a sweet giveaway! Pick me! Pick me!

Shannon White (S & G Photography) - Love it. Hope the person who needs it most wins.

Ramona - :) Happy Holidays!

Lydia Shannon - Woohoo! I sure hope I win!!!!

Maria Fuentes-Archilla - I love TRA!!! This would be the best gift ever!

tanya king - I would love these actions! Thanks for the contest Taz!

Marci - Saw the RT on twitter… this is on my never-ending wish list of photog items and of course I would *love* to win it! Thanks!!

Justina M - TRA rocks my socks!!

Dianne Jago - SAWEEEEEEET.

Amar - Wish I could afford these right now! Would love to win them!

Ken Stoudt - Count me in!!!

Cindy Utterback - Would luv, Love, LOVE to win. I’ve been wanting TRA for quite sometime but not enough $$$ to stretch.

Sandy - Would love to win these, thanks for the contest!

Monica Cachu - I am dreaming of TRA2 the revenge…crossing my fingers!

Rhonda Stansberry - I would love to win theses!

Michelle D. - Oooohhhhh, I would LOVE to win these too! Thank you for a chance to win!

jen palmer - Go ahead, make my millennium! <3

Ashley M. - PLEASE!!!!!!! Fingers are crossed!!! What a great start to 2010!

Alyssa Vincent - Oh please please please! I have wanted these so badly– they would really help me with me New Years resolution!

Misty S. Colby - I love TRA!!!!!! Pick me Pick me!

rachael - i have been drooling over these for ages…i hope i win!

coco - oooooohhhh, I need these!!!

Morgan - I love these actions, they are SO much fun.

Laura - Wow these would make life so much easier. Merry Christmas Taz1

Cindi - Love these actions!

SandyE - Love TRA, really need these. Thanks :)

Kristine Paulsen Photography - Ooh, ooh! *jumping up and down* Pretty please! I’d LOVE to win this giveaway!

Happy Holidays!

Rolograaf - Good chance, with 83 comments?

Rachele - I’m really excited about the prospect of someday making a living from creating beautiful images. I would be more than stoked if I won these actions!! Thanks for the opportunity!

Meghan Camino - Yay! Awesome giveaway! I’ve been really wanting these and couldn’t justify the cost before the holidays. Please pick me!!

Matt Camino - Awesome contest, thank you!

Kevin Moran - I’ve really wanted to buy these, thank you for the giveaway!

kerry - Would love to win ’em!! thanks!

Sara - awesome, would love the other set!!!

Heather - Have set #1 and they rock!!!!!!

Connye - I luv your actions!!!

April - I love TRA original. I would love to win the TRA Revenge! You guys rock!

Missy Joy - Wow, Thanks!!! Maybe Santa will come afterall?

Emily - Love your website and I love TRA actions!

Cynthia - Awesome giveaway!! Thanks for the generosity! Good luck to all :) and happy new year!

Emma - How generous Taz! Pick me please;) This would totally rock my Christmas!!!

Lisa - A friend told me about TR, love them.

Lisa - Hear so much about TRA, would love to try them.

Donna - Hey I love your TRA but I don’t own one…I have been your follower and TRA Is AWESOME. I got $50 for Christmas. That doesn’t allow me to buy TRA. Hope I win
this time to spark my pictures!

Candice - I would so L O V E to have these!!! fingers crossed :)

Nina - wow, amazing contest!…would love to own some TRA sets. thank you! :)

Lisa Adams - I look at these actions all the time! They’re awesome! Great give away!

-brittany- - Awesome contest! thankssomuch!!!

Love your DVD templates, btw! I have never been to your site before, but will definitely have to order some!!!!

TMcLain - What a neat idea! Maybe , Just maybe I will get lucky for once.

MariaB - Wow!!! It would be a really awesome present !!

beth - HAPPY HOLIDAYS and HAPPY NEW YEAR to all!! Ahhh…the things we will do for (amazing) free stuff! :)

Michelle TW - These are amazing and love the creative places these actions take images!! New to your blog also so now permanent on my rss

Tamara - Totally Rad actions rock!!!

Amy E - Would love, love these…please Santa help a girl out!!

Shelley - Fun Stuff!

Melissa S. - I would love these and it would help me out sooooo much! :-)

Catherine McCabe - Your work is amazing! You ROCK and TRA rocks! Cheers!

BJ Adkins - I have been drooling over the Totally RAD actions for almost two years. Seems like just when I get them in the budget something else comes up that I have to get instead of something I REALLY REALLY REALLY want! I visit the site several times a month just to make sure they haven’t moved or completely changed anything and of course to drool immensely…kinda like a Turner and Hooch drool. My keyboard and my Wacom get kinda yucky after I’ve visited and have to clean them up – it’s worth it – and I would love to win the objects of my intense desire……so very sweet…!

Lisa - TRA are awesome, I would love to treat my photos so well! Happy new year!

Brianne - Oh, how Totally Rad it would be to win! What a great way to start 2010!

Amanda - I’ve been wanting these FOREVER, but sadly, always miss the sales!

Sarah Kristiansen - I have one version and have been DYING for the original set! These are the BEST and I am jonesing for their “dirty pictures” too….soooooo awesome.

nicole pitts - OMG I want these bad… alas Other purchases are higher on the list… maybe its my lucky day!!

Carla B - Very cool contest indeed!!! I’m another who keep missing the sales on these.

lisa - pick me! pick me!

lisa - pick me! pick me!!