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Alt Summit Recap


I’m back from the Altitude Design Summit aka Alt Summit which was hosted this past Thursday at the Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia Headquarters in New York City. I’m so glad I hopped on the bandwagon with Kate and snagged a ticket early as I met some fabulous ladies and heard from inspirational speakers. Plus, it was the push I needed to get some new cards designed and printed for me – love that I finally had a way to get my full name AND my nickname on one card :) The cards are Moo Luxe by the way – something clients have expressed interested in- so I decided to give them a whirl. I can happily report they were a hit- nice and thick and luxurious!



I was recently listening to a Creative Live presentation from Tamara Lackey where she said something to the affect of your ‘brain needs a break to be creative’ – I totally agree and thats what Alt Summit was for me – a chance to recharge and be inspired.

Tina Roth Eisenberg, aka Swiss Miss, gave an excellent keynote on 8 Rules to Live By and the importance of side projects (one of hers, TeuxDeux, is a favorite of mine). You may have seen some of my tweets throughout the day- though my fingers couldn’t move fast enough to share all her words of wisdom. One of my favorite rules was ‘If an opportunity scares you, take it. Being scared means that you’ll learn and grow.” And I can certainly say I practiced that right away at Alt Summit – I’m normally on the shy side in person but I really pushed myself to meet new people and find out a little about my fellow attendees. I’m excited I got to meet Keli from Dry Goods Design, a beautifully curated fabric shop based in Seattle, and also Liesl Gibson the wonderfully talented designer behind Oliver + S.

I collected a lovely pile of business cards, saw Martha Stewart in the flesh (for the second time) and enjoyed a pinch-me moment at the rooftop cocktail party enjoying a glass of prosecco and the New York skyline with a group of people who ‘get it’.

some of the cards I collected at Alt Summit

Enjoying the rooftop party at Martha Stewart

 Thanks to Domestikatedlife for this instragram image

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